The Field of Music Cognition

What is Music Cognition?

A field of inquiry can often be conveniently described by listing some of the questions its practitioners hope to answer. The following questions are ones that help to shape the field of music cognition.

Some of the following questions already have answers -- although most of these answers are provisional or incomplete. Some of the questions will not be resolved in the foreseeable future; some questions are in principle unanswerable. Moreover, some of the questions are undoubtedly malformed and wrong-headed.

A list of recommended reading is available for those wanting to learn more about music cognition.

Some questions that motivate music cognition researchers:

Musical Origins and Musical Character

Musical Skill and Musical Intelligence

Musical Pleasure and Preference

Musical Development

Musical Organization

Music and Memory

Music and Emotion

Music Performance and Improvisation

Music's Influences

Music, Brain and Body

Music, Environment and Culture

Modeling Music Cognition

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