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Lindsay Warrenburg

PhD Student and GTA
warrenburg.3 [at] osu.edu

Participants Needed: 
Your Experiences Listening to Music

Have you ever wondered why you react to music in certain ways? This study will look at the relationship between your musical experiences and aspects of the music itself. This study is open to music students, non-music students, and non-students between the ages of 18-65. 

If interested, contact Lindsay at warrenburg.3@osu.edu to
   schedule a time to participate!


2016      Ohio State University
              Master of Arts in Music (Cognition and Perception)

2013      University of Pennsylvania
              Bachelor of Arts in Music (and pre-med)

Research Interests

Music and emotion
Music, empathy, and prosocial behavior
Perception of structural music features
Music and memory
Music and health (relevance to PTSD and Alzheimer's treatment, music-supported therapy)
Social psychology
Positive psychology
Social genomics