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Music 220: Cognitive Musicology

Assignment #2: Literature Review

Literature Review:

The purpose of this assignment is two-fold. First, this assignment provides you with an opportunity to explore a selected topic in more detail than can be covered in class. And secondly, this assignment will give you an opportunity to encounter the experimental literature first-hand -- struggling to make sense of the technical language and experimental procedures.

Select one of the published scientific articles listed in the attached bibliography. Write a synopsis of the article by answering the following questions:

  1. What is the general overall goal of this area of research?
  2. What is the specific goal of the particular experiment described?
  3. What background research do(es) the author(s) build on?
  4. Briefly describe the experimental procedure.
  5. What were the results of the experiment?
  6. What conclusions did the author(s) draw?
  7. What questions were left unaswered?
  8. Suggest two plausible problems that might invalidate the entire experiment or the conclusions drawn from it.
  9. Suggest an experiment that might clarify or extend this work.

Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, and no more than five or six pages in length. It must include nine numbered sections identifying the above nine questions.

DUE DATE:Friday May 28
WORTH:20 percent

Bibliography of Selected Experimental Literature:

Chang, H. and S. E. Trehub Infant's perception of temporal grouping in auditory patterns. Child Development, Vol. 48 (1977) pp. 1666-1670.
Gordon, H. W. and J. E. Bogen Hemispheric lateralization of singing after intracarotid sodium amylobarbitone. Journal of Neurosurgery, Vol. 37 (1974) pp. 727-738.
Sloboda, J. A. Perception of contour in music reading. Perception, Vol. 7 (1978) pp. 323-331.
Thorne, S. B. and P. Himelstein The role of suggestion in the perception of satanic messages in rock-and-roll recordings. Journal of Psychology, Vol. 116, No. 2 (1984) pp. 245-248.