University of California, Berkeley
Department of Music

Music 220: Cognitive Musicology

Assignment #1: The Big Picture


Musicology has been characterized as a discipline in which scholars learn more and more about things that have less and less value.

There are good reasons to pursue research that has a clear focus. However, the conscientious researcher always trys to answer the most important questions first. It is a useful exercise to consider the big picture.

  1. You have been granted an audience with God.
    You will be allowed to ask her three questions related to music.
    What questions will you ask?

Introduce each of your questions with a paragraph that sets the stage for your question. You are not allowed to ask `meta-questions' (such as `what is a good question about music?'). Your essay should be no less than one page in length and no more than three pages in length.

Essays should be typed, double-spaced.

DUE DATE:Wednesday September 1
WORTH:20 percent