Downloading the Humdrum Toolkit

You can download one of several packages, or download invididual Humdrum tools.


package downloadable installation directions notes

cross-platform v1.0

humdrum1.0.tar.gz See the file install.txt inside the archive.
cross-platform v2.2 beta humdrum2.2beta.tar.gz directions for manual installation tested only under Red Hat Linux 6.1 to 9 and Fedora Core 3
v2.2 beta for Mac OS 10.2-10.3 Humdrum10.2.pkg.sit directions for package installation
v2.2 beta for Mac OS 10.0 Humdrum10.0.pkg.sit directions for package installation
Humdrum v2.2 beta for UWIN on Windows Humdrum.UWIN.2.2beta.tar.gz directions for UWIN installation
RPM of v2.2 beta for Linux humdrum-2.2-1.i586.rpm tested only under Red Hat Linux 6.1 to 9 and Fedora Core 3
Debian package v2.2-2 humdrum_2.2-2_i386.deb

Individual Humdrum Tools

Shell scripts and AWK scripts are cross-platform; binaries are Linux i386. Many tools require you to have other Humdrum tools installed.

command downloadable documentation notes


assemble documentation

barks documentation

cbr documentation

census documentation

cents documentation

cleave documentation

cocho documentation

context documentation

correl documentation

deg documentation

degree documentation

diss documentation

ditto documentation

dur documentation

ekern documentation

extract documentation

fields documentation

freq documentation

hint documentation

humdrum documentation does not run under Red Hat Linux 7.2

humsed documentation


documentation not useful by itself

infot documentation

iv documentation

kern documentation


key documentation


melac documentation

metpos documentation

midi documentation


mint documentation









nf documentation

num documentation

patt documentation

pattern documentation

pc documentation

pcset documentation

pf documentation

pitch documentation

proof documentation

recode documentation

regexp documentation

reihe documentation

rend documentation

rid documentation

rowfind documentation in script

scramble documentation

semits documentation

solfa documentation

solfg documentation

specc documentation


strophe documentation

synco documentation


text documentation

thru documentation

timebase documentation

tonh documentation

trans documentation

urrhythm documentation

veritas documentation

vox documentation

x_option used by other commands

xdelta documentation

yank documentation includes find_reg.awk, findpair.awk, and number.awk

ydelta documentation

Contributed Software

You're on your own with this stuff.

program downloadable documentation notes
flutedif calls barks.awk

See the Humdrum Community Pages for more user-contributed software.

Copyright 2002 David Huron