Online Resources:

General Index Alphabetical index of keywords.
FAQ for Humdrum Answers to frequently asked questions about Humdrum.
Installing Humdrum Software installation and configuration information.
Humdrum User Guide Complete tutorial introduction to using Humdrum (40 chapters).
Commands in the Humdrum Toolkit Detailed documentation about individual Humdrum commands.
Glossary of Humdrum Terminology A dictionary guide to specialized terms.
Pre-defined Humdrum Representations Detailed documentation about pre-defined music-related representations.
The Kern Representation Description of the most popular Humdrum music representation.
Kern Scores A public archive of music encoded in the Humdrum Kern representation.
Index to Online Musical Scores A complete list of scores encoded in the Humdrum format.
Sample Humdrum Problems An alphabetized list of 350 sample problems.
Online Course for Learning Humdrum Tutorial exercises and problems - with answers.
University of Virginia Site Another source of information about Humdrum.
Developer's Guide for Humdrum Advanced information for software and representation developers.

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