Cognitive Ethnomusicology Laboratory

The Cognitive Ethnomusicology Laboratory is in the School of Music at the Ohio State University. The lab has been made possible through a major Academic Enrichment Grant provided by the OSU Office of Academic Affairs.

The goal of the laboratory is to facilitate research in the field of Cognitive Ethnomusicology. This area of research specializes in the study of music as experienced in cultural context. Cognitive Ethnomusicology is a natural outgrowth of ethnomusicology, but one that only recently is coming into its own as ethnomusicologists confront epochal developments in other, closely related fields. The field is particularly influenced by research in music cognition and cognitive psychology, devoted to experimental research on fundamental phenomena and cognitive processes (including memory, attention, emotion, auditory perception, and categorization), as revealed through music performance and perception.

Until recently, music cognition research has been predicated almost exclusively upon the laws and systems of Western art music. Non-Western music cultures offer a wealth of unexplored information that bears directly on analytical and theoretical issues in a broad range of cognitive fields. By bringing its expertise in non-Western music and field research to music cognition, ethnomusicology promises to have a definitve impact upon cognitive studies in general, just as it has upon studies in music. At the same time, cognitive ethnomusicology marks the beginning of an important new era in ethnomusicology itself, as it raises to a new level the cross-cultural inquiry into the nature of human musicality.

The Cognitive Ethnomusicology Laboratory includes sound recording, editing and archiving facilities, computer-based digital sound analysis equipment, a digital video editing suite, and a storage area for non-Western musical instruments and other artifacts.

Currently, the ethnomusicology faculty at Ohio State University includes Profs. Daniel Avorgbedor, Mark DeWitt and Margarita Mazo.

The Cognitive Ethnomusicology Lab is located in Room 501, Mershon Auditorium. A local map is available to help locate the lab. In addition, a regional map identifies the location of the Ohio State University within the City of Columbus.

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