Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Laboratory

The Cognitive & Systematic Musicology Laboratory is one of several research laboratories at the Ohio State University that address the cognitive bases of musical behavior. The facility is used by faculty, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars and graduate students engaged in music research. The CSM Lab is run by the School of Music and emphasizes computer-based musicology and psychological experimentation.

Computer-based Musicology allows the testing of hypotheses using online musical artifacts such as notated scores. Each workstation in the lab allows access to a library of databases containing over 10,000 notated musical scores. Our digital library includes music from Bartók to barbershop quartets, from Zarlino to Zulu songs. One notable database is the Densmore Project -- a collection of Native American songs. State-of-the-art analysis software (such as the Humdrum Toolkit) permits a wide variety of analytic applications. In addition to the specialized computing facilities, general software is provided for word-processing, music notation, MIDI, statistical analysis and other applications. Computer-based musicology is supported on seven computers, including Macintosh, Windows, and Linux systems. An example of the computer-based resources is themefinder -- a collaborative project of the CSM Lab and the Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities.

Psychological Experimentation is supported through a variety of physical and research resources. Two Industrial Acoustics Corporation sound attenuation rooms are located in the lab. Each room is outfitted for sound/music playback and data collection. When necessary, one room can be used as a control room by an experimenter. A "Kyma" Digital Signal Processor allows sophisticated generation of sound stimuli including stereo recorded music. The Kyma system provides digital and analog sound input and output, as well as MIDI input/output. Sound mixers, synthesizers, analog and digital tape recorders, and other audio gear are available. Digital sound editing facilities are provided in the Bosendorfer Piano Performance Laboratory.

Subject Pool. The School of Music has instituted a Music Research Program where undergraduate music students can elect to participate in musical experiments as part of their course credit requirements for aural skills training. This program provides researchers throughout the School of Music with access to musician participants for experimental research. The program runs from the beginning of October to the end of May of each year. The Music Research Program greatly facilitates experimental music research.

Amenities. Graduate students and visitors have 24-hour year-round access to the CSM lab. The lab provides a pleasant environment with amenities such as a sofa, reading chair, telephone, refrigerator, microwave, and coffee-maker.

Location. The CSM Lab is located in Room 503, Mershon Auditorium. A local map is available to help locate the lab. In addition, a regional map identifies the location of the Ohio State University within the City of Columbus. Telephone (614) 292-7321.

Local Guides. Several local guides to procedures, policies, technical information and resources in the CSML are available. In addition, a Laboratory Guide is available.

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