Bosendorfer Piano Performance Laboratory

The Bosendorfer laboratory provides general facilities serving the School of Music, with resources for composers and performers as well as researchers. The lab's resources can be described according to three activities: piano performance, sound processing, and composing tools.

Piano Performance - Research and Pedagogy

The star of the laboratory is the Bosendorfer 290SE concert grand piano. This instrument is fully instrumented for both recording and playback of a pianist's actions. The keyboard information can be used to replay a pianist's performance. Alternatively, the keyboard data are used in experimental studies of piano performance. Experimental uses of the Bosendorfer include developmental studies, studies of learning, practice strategies, error recovery, and interpretative nuance.

Sister to the Bosendorfer is a Yamaha Diskclavier, an upright piano that also includes MIDI electronic connections. Like the Bosendorfer, the Diskclavier can record and playback keyboard activities. As with the Bosendorfer, the Diskclavier is used for both research and pedagogical purposes.

In addition to the Bosendorfer piano and the Yamaha Diskclavier, two additional keyboards are available in the lab: a Roland RD-1000 digital piano and a Yamaha SY-22 synthesizer.

Sound Processing

The lab includes general facilities for digial sound editing and manipulation. The lab includes a Mackie 12-channel mixer, a digidesign 888I/O audio interface, and a Yamaha SPX-1000 effects processor. Two PowerMacs provides platforms for general computing and for digital audio processing. A 2 gigabyte external hard disk provides additional capacity for storing and manipulating digital audio. A CD burner is available to produce custom audio and software CDs. In addition, the lab provides common cassette, DAT, CD players, stereo speakers

The laboratory contains both Macintosh and PC computers, with the following software available:


The Bosendorfer Laboratory is administered by Peter Tender.

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